The Sweet Sound of Intuition

There is nothing better than feeling free, liberated, uncaged. This is how I feel today.

I am free.

I go beyond and surpass my fears and limitations; they are just that – pathetic artificial excuses not to follow my dreams and live the life I am worth living. Breaking walls after walls, made me think of the layers of ossified doubts, frustrations, hesitations; the layers we wrap our beautiful soul in.

Why do we do this to ourselves, you may ask? For protection, I answer. We may have been hurt, pointed fingers at, humiliated, laughed at or worse…and this is our way of fighting back: by hiding. Hiding and pretending. Pretending we are someone else, living someone else’s life. Pretending we’re doing what we love when we’re actually doing what we have to, not what we want to.

Layers and layers of faux pas, of rules, of social inadequacy, of not fitting in. Of feeling like an alien, of feeling empty and lost. And in the darkest struggle and turbulence, a little voice whispering that everything is about to turn for the better, that there is hope and light and freedom. Surely, you have heard this voice before and considered it to be misleading, unrealistic, naive.

So have I, dear friends. Whenever I heard it, I turned up the volume of noise in my life, so that I could shift my attention to something else. Something else that made me feel safe, but numb.

Intuition poem

Walk on the beach

Walk on the beach_Close up

What changed, you may ask again? Well, everything!

There comes a point in our lives when we trade that noise for that little voice’s message, when we turn off everything else and focus on our longings, on our heart’s song; when we finally listen and understand what it is saying. This is what happened to me. I heard that voice for so long and I ignored it willingly and freely without remorse, until one day. Until the day when not listening wasn’t an option anymore.

And right then and there, face to face with my heart, I saw what a beautiful message it was caring and what an uplifting impulse to create it gave me.  Nowadays, I spend my days listening, researching, following my heart and the footsteps of my intuition. I am happy. I am beyond happy: I am peaceful.

I am offered the peace of mind that only the voice of intuition can offer you, not your ego, not your reasoning. Just your intuition.

Today, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, please do listen to your intuition and be inspired by it!



*Image source: poem, 2, 3/ featured image here.