When the right people enter your life

To walk in a room full of shadows with conviction and faith, to welcome haunting ghosts with an open heart, to caress the inconsolable, to bring light into the darkness with a soft whisper and to share love with the most sincere smile. This is my friend, Maria. This is everything she taught me in the past year since we became friends (remember our interview back in December?).

Today is just the right day to say “Thank you!” for all the beauty and light and friendship I was plentifully given by this wonderful person I am blessed to have in my life. And on that note, I want to celebrate Maria on her very special day, not only as a friend, but also as an artist.

This year, Maria, launched her special silk scarves line inspired by her paintings.

Each piece tells its own story – a harmonious visual orchestration of protective and life-celebrating symbols decoded in vibrant, positive colors.

Friends, take a walk with me and for a moment, be part of this feminine, sensual and magical universe. I’m sure you will appreciate Maria’s artistic sensibility as much as I do.

And before ending this post – my dear Maria, my very best wishes and thoughts go out to you on this day!

Happy birthday!!!!!



Feminity Scarf

Femininity Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Ballad Scarf

Ballad Scarf- © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Circular Wishes Scarf

Circular Wishes Scarf– © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Doll Mandala Scarf

Doll Mandala Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Circular Wishes Soul Mates Scarf

Circular Wishes – Soul Mates Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Initiation Scarf

Initiation Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

White Mandala

White Mandala Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

Love LifeLove Life Scarf – © Marie Nouvelle Studio

© All images are property of Marie Nouvelle Studio and are copyright protected.

* Are you interested in getting in touch with Maria? You may drop her a line here. For further inquires, projects or a friendly hello, you may also contact her privately via mariadermengiu@gmail.com