Loyalty isn’t just a word, it’s a decision

I’ve always had a deep sense of loyalty – ever since I can remember.

I was loyal to my family and friends, I stayed in relations of all kind, even when I knew I should have left or end them; I was obsessively loyal to all my jobs and employers.

However, I always seemed to have a loyalty issue towards myself, towards my needs, my dreams and my desires.

The short story of my life is that I’ve always put everyone else first, no matter who or what it was, delaying my own gratification. I was faithful to a man, to a country (Romania), to a perfume, to a book, to a certain kind of music, of art, of style. But always getting in trouble with (not) being loyal to myself.

the beach

Green dress sea

Quiet Beach

Years past, and I came to a standpoint in my life, where the level of faithfulness and the amount of attention I pay towards myself, increase day by day. Some call it awakening; I call it wake-up call. Or remembering. Or going back to the roots, back to the basics, to the essential.

I’ve become aware of a lot of things that I’ve ignored my whole life: my tempo, my moods, my energy level, my thinking and reacting patterns…even my digestion. Nowadays, I carefully listen to my body’s messages and my intuition’s warnings and signals. And I must say, that this new approach, this brand new modus vivendi, brings a lot of unexpected liberty with it and an expanded state of consciousness upon life and life’s myriad of facets.

Today, whenever I speak out loud my heart’s message, with conviction and sincerity, whenever I say “No” to others and say “Yes” to myself, a mesmerizing horizon widens before me. Life expands. My consciousness expands too. And so does my happiness.

Respecting yourself, being loyal and true to yourself, does not exclude respecting others: it just means that you honor yourself, your spirit, your tempo, and your very special traits. It means that you live up to the best version of yourself that is engraved in your core.

On a Thursday morning, my advice to you is to take this day and make it about you – celebrate loyalty towards yourself! I promise you, I’ll do the same!



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