Reward Yourself: do something nice for you every day

Some years ago, I was working with a guy who had this thing: every day he did something nice for himself. Like a little reward of the day.

Whether it was buying flowers for his home, or having his favorite croissant early in the morning or just enjoying 10 minutes of extra sleep, there was always a special surprise or a gift he offered himself.

At that time, I thought he was just being weird, but today, I consider that man to be brilliant! Okay, or at least, smart 🙂

So hello, sweet Friday! It’s a good day to start my own “Reward Yourself” daily ritual. And since this is the first day, I am thinking of choosing between….

Morning Coffee

  1. having an early morning coffee all by myself in a little bistro

Fresh baguette

2. buying the best baguette in town Book shop

3. hanging out at one of my favorite bookstores Funny lunch

4. having lunch with my husband


5. doing some writing in the afternoon

Daydreaming of Crete

6. daydreaming of Crete


7. having some ice cream at about 4 p.m.


8. writing a letterWords

9. learning new words

light dinner

10. ending the day with my favorite kind of dinner: pain, vin et fromage

How about you, dear friends?

What special treat are you planning for yourself today? I am really curious to know!



* All images via rubbersquare