Write it down: online inspiration

Summer outfit


The online community is something I discover every day. My bookmarks folders are filled to the brim with links, websites and inspirational images.

I find that whenever you’re focusing on a certain aspect of your life – like I am right now – the Universe sends you the right teachers, the right resources, the right books and helps you take one step further in your development, quest or discovery.

These days, in preparation to our upcoming grandes vacances, I found some time for my daily inspiration hunger and found these little gems. Check them out:

Jess Lively’s Blog – a truly inspirational blog, written by a kindhearted, young entrepreneur. It’s fresh, it’s personable, with a lot of eye candy and food for thought. Plus a healthy dose of pragmatic business advice. 

Calm.com – this marvelous website (spotted via Jess Lively’s blog) provides you with 2, 10 or 20 minutes of instant calmness and zenitude. I love it!

Is there an inspirational blog/website you enjoy in particularly? Why not share it in a comment below?



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