Wake me up when September ends

Dear friends, my procrastination abilities have won the best of me. You see, I’ve been avoiding writing this post for sooooo long, that in the end, when I found the time to write, there was nothing on my mind to write about. I found myself completely seduced and abandoned by inspiration and creative writing. There was so much to say, that I couldn’t say anything at all. Or write about it.

So I imagine I’m having this conversion with you over the phone and catching up on the last major events in my life.

In hindsight, here are the highlights of these past months:

We had a wonderful summer filled with happy laughter, golden family moments and the best remote seaside escape. My family and close friends have been my eternal source of inspiration, strength and motivation.



I quit my job. No kidding. I really quit my job in order to live my dream and start my own business. For the time being, all I can say is that it’s an amazing, both scary and enormous rewarding journey.

The Zen Project is to become a platform for Zen alike people from all walks of life. I am talking about Zen as an attitude and a way of living joyfully and blissfully with what we already have in life and making the best out of it. Moreover, all upcoming products I am about to launch in collaboration with wonderful artists (hey, remember Maria Dermengiu?), are specially created for us! Yes, for us! For people like you and me, who seek a moment of privacy, of peacefulness and well-being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A moment of…zenitude.

I knocked down walls of ossified fears and imaginary, self-imposed boundaries…only to discover that I’m limitless. And just like anyone else, I too am free to create and to start building my life around my dream.

I am now an official contributor on Fashezine and as we speak, I celebrate my third article (here are the previous ones: 1 and 2). The decision to put my work out there, came one morning after a supersonic moment of illumination: “I am a writer. So this is what I do: I write.” (simple as that, huh? no rocket science formula!)


So once again, dear friends, I return home to my beloved Venom & Clover. And I’m sorry for the radio silence. Really, I am.

And since I literally deserted this wonderful place, not knowing when or what to write about, I promised myself and decided with everything on my plate right now, to be posting one time per week. Bare with me, will you? There will be positive changes and make-overs of all kinds coming up in the next little while, so here’s to a new season and to new happy beginnings!

I’ve missed you big time!



P.S. For clarity’s sake, my real name is Bianca.