Magic Life Lotus Dream

Okay, this may sound like a crazy post title, but let me explain a bit: these are the names of the first products (wink! wink!) I am about to launch for The Zen Project in the next little while.

Now here is the story: when my prayers were answered and The Idea of quitting my job and starting my own business came along (hello, craziness!), I thought of a symbol that would best describe my journey and send out a message to all of my friends/ future customers/ the world. And the lotus flower seemed perfect for the job.

Lotus Dream

You see, the lotus flower is a symbol of personal victory (enlightenment), growing and rising from wobbly murky waters, to offer one of the most magnificent images at the moment of blooming.

Metaphorically speaking, I believe that each and every one of us, are in a way or another similar to the lotus flower. We too can rise above our fears and limitations and live the life of our dreams. We too can achieve greatness, enlightenment and an unaltered state of beauty and pure joy. It is within us that we find the capacity and strength to purify our spirit and let it overcome the darkness and the muddiness of our lives.

After I found the perfect symbol and ethos for my business, things just kind of came together. Through my never-ending, feverish searches on the holy wide web, I found the perfect silver pendants. And then the perfect silk ribbon. And so on.

Magic Life

So, here are the first two bracelets (they come in a variety of colors): Magic Life and Lotus Dream.

I really, really hope you will like them as much as I do, because here’s another thing: I promised myself, I would only create, promote and sell products that I am absolutely in love with – products that I wear and passionately love on a daily basis.

A big hug and much love to all of you!