Above and beyond

Dear friends,

I am overwhelmed. Over the past few days, I literally learned the terminology of hundreds of special printing papers.

It’s a crazy ride. Really. These days, I’m 24/7 on the phone, email, facebook & co., dealing with unexpected situations regarding logistics, terms of payment and a nerve-wracking shipment odyssey. I’m working hard for my business, The Zen Project and I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. In fact, I think I’m miles away from my comfort zone.

No one told me that living your dream – read starting your own business, can be challenging and headache generating, but then again, I think this is part of the deal. This is the whole package.

In the mood for blue

So while I’m nail biting and cursing like a sailor here and there, I also have a strong reason to smile and to be grateful, because the Universe is beautiful and generous and brought wonderful people in my life.

One of these people is Ioana, from Fashezine, my second online home. She’s a golden gal this one. Beautiful, kind and smart. And I cherish her friendship dearly.

Here is my latest article on Fashezine, a place where I feel comfortable and safe enough, to talk about overcoming fear and relying on my inner strength to rise above life’s ups and downs.

Have a grrreat week, friends!



*Image 1 & 3 via Life is beautiful