Find me next door


Photo by Peter & Ute Grahlmann via Lizzybloves

Dear ones,

This whole leaving-my-corporate-job-starting-my-own-business roller-coaster has brought me today in front of you all with this little announcement: I recently moved next door, or should I say…next blog?

After talking to Venom, writing and deleting numerous drafts of blog posts and feeling bad that I didn’t show up here for sooo long, I decided to create a space of my own, connected and related to The Zen Project – my business/dream come true. That’s not to say that I leave this beautiful, intimate, cozy & light-filled space, that has been Venom & Clover for me so far. I’m just saying that I’m moving next door, on the same street (here) and will be your faithful neighbor forever.

Please do pop in whenever you feel like it. I promise I’ll do the same.

Sending you lots of love,


*Featured image by Tina  from girlmeetsglobe