I’m coming home

Dear friends,

I’m coming home. I’m returning to this beautiful place called “Venom & Clover”…a true oasis of creativity, inspiration and feel-good territory, populated by amazing people, where we, Venom and I, poured so much love and dedication into.

I’m coming home because I miss you guys and I miss my mornings of posting and talking about God knows what kind of existential dilemmas or random daily life happenings.

I miss the simplicity and naturalness of my previous posts and the exploration of my soul’s depths, highs and lows. I miss writing about simple moments of family bliss and I miss my pen name…Clover.

Much has happened since my last blog post and I want to share it all with you.

Seeing Red

Seeing Red | Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick in LA

Photograph by Ben Hassett


I successfully launched The Zen Project – my beloved business and brand, and though it hasn’t been always easy and there is still so much to do and to learn, I’m proud to see it growing and growing day by day. These soul-made silk wrap bracelets that I create have already touched the lives of dozens of happy customers and knocked me off my feet in some humbling ways that I never thought possible.

I discovered more and more about myself, about my limits and self-imposed limitations, about my self-created fears and recurrent patterns. I learned more about life and discovered a myriad of connections and intricate layers…I’ve seen life from different angles and accepted that truth is ambivalent and subjective.

I wrote down dozens of rich goals and big little dreams waiting to be fulfilled, lived and enjoyed.

I took my time being a mom. And I’m still learning how to be the best (not the perfect) mom for my little daughter. I watched time pass me by and reveled in our family’s sweet moments of happiness and intimacy. I’ve set boundaries for people, things and experiences that aren’t right for me and opened my heart vividly to those who bring me so much pleasure, joy and affection. I picked up pieces of myself and learned some important lessons along the way.

And today, I’m back here, back home…standing before you with an open heart and opened arms. And I must tell you…it feels amazing to be back again!

Sending you all my love,