Building an empire

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Lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what these past months taught me as a newbie entrepreneur.

Things have been continuously changing, with highs and lows and (business) wisdom nuggets in between.

So here are my top three lessons I learned so far:


1 // “You snooze, you lose!”


Fortunately, this was said to me ages ago by one of my former co-workers. A smart guy, who tricked me once or twice (or was it trice?) to open up about prospect clients I had in mind and then, with the information I shared with him, he would approach them directly and most importantly, before I did.


This happened as I mentioned earlier, one too many times and so, when I confronted him, he shrug his shoulders and innocently told me:”You snooze, you lose. That’s it. Nothing personal.”


Well, I remember I was really upset back then, but today I see that episode as a valuable lesson.


As an entrepreneur, no matter what industry or league you are in, it’s more desirable to be one step ahead of your competition, than one step behind. That is to say, that I would rather take action now and improve the process/product as I go, than take no action at all and wait ages for the “perfect moment”.


In other words, I would rather be (whenever possible) a trendsetter than a trend follower.


2 // Turn “Me” into “Us”.


This little change of perspective can make a world of difference when it comes to your business. Especially when you’re putting a lot of soul and passion into it, like I am. When it’s your business that you’re building and thinking about day and night, then don’t forget to reconsider things from your customers’ point of view. Do you ship fast and cost-effective enough? Do you offer refunds? Or special discount codes? Do you want to make your customers happy? Treat them as royalties? Pamper them? Put a little signed note with your best wishes next to their order?


Just think about it for a moment: if you were your own customer, what would you expect? How would you liked to be treated? Talked to? Approached?


3 // Building an empire


Last but not least. You know where you are now, but how about the next 3-5 years? Will your business still be around?


What will your business look like in 10 years? Will it grow, become an empire and get listed on the stock exchange? Will you quadruple your income? Will you be doubling your company’s size?


In case you haven’t answered these questions yet, I think this would be the perfect moment to sit down and think about it. What is your vision? Will you pass on your business to your children? Or is this business just a station on your life’s journey?


Procrastinate no more…if you’re building an empire, then start acting like it. Dream big, take action, be bold and move forward. Forget about comparison, about fear of failure, let your competitors go their way…you stay ahead of your game and build that empire of yours. Day by day. Step by step.


Sending you all my love,



*Featured image via Rose & Born