Shortcuts in life

In high school, I used to be a big fan of Tomb Raider. The adventures of Lara Croft were really intriguing and soon I became a bit of an expert decrypting clues and finding shortcuts to reach the game’s superior levels.

This morning I thought about it, in the context of reaching superior levels of spiritual growth and evolution in life.

“Wouldn’t it be nice, if from time to time, we would put all the clues together, gather all the pieces of the puzzle and then elucidate the secret code for an upgrade, for a shift or a shortcut in life?”, I asked myself.

Helena ChristensenModel: Helena Christensen/ Photographer: Mikael Jansson/ Vogue UK March 1994/ Source here


But then looking at my past and evaluating previous (major) experiences, I realized that each and every one of them has happened for a reason. Each disappointment added a new lesson. Each major decision led to a new discovery. The highs and lows of my soul have been explored and searched for by actually playing the game…with no shortcuts and no road maps included. Every stage, every mistake, every achievement, failure and recovery, have actually equipped me for playing the “superior” levels of life. I understand now, that even my darkest hours were actually part of the training, the learning and the preparation.


So, coming back to my question…no, it wouldn’t be nice to just enter the magic code and get an upgrade in life, because by doing so we would miss out on discovering who we really are and what our actual potential is.


It is by concrete living that we challenge and discover our personal strength, capacity and capabilities, so from this perspective…there are no regrets from my part. Only learned lessons.

I hope you’re having a great day today,



*Featured image via whitenoten