Practice what you preach

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Okay…breathe in and out…now it’s time to talk.

How is everybody? All good?

I was thinking the other day about my never-ending nagging skills talent of preaching.

Day in, day out, I’m the Zen girl with a happy face and lots of (un)solicited advice. I have an answer to every question, a shoulder for everyone to cry on and kind words for bitter souls. That’s me. It’s the way I’m designed. Being helpful is my second nature. I preach with passion mostly about everything, but do I apply everything I say on myself? No.

Do I practice a healthy lifestyle like I suggest to all my friends? No.

Do I eat breakfast? No. Do I take enough time to myself to just relax, have fun or spend some much-needed me-time? No. Do I put myself first? Never.

Do I love myself enough to chill, sleep, eat, drink, read, react, behave like I should? Well, yes and no. I have the intention to, but I rarely succeed.

Red LadyWoman in Red Hat with Book, New York Public Library, Photo by Rodney Smith


So what is it about preaching to others and not being receptive/committed enough to practice it myself? The answer is …I don’t know. But at least I’m aware of the “problem”.

So, dear readers out there and beloved friends…before taking into consideration any advice coming from me and/or others ask that person: “Do you practice what you preach?”. In other words, can you, you loose-lipped adviser and know-it-all guru, guarantee me by personal example that your advice is doable? Follow-able? If the answer is yes, then I would love to hear your story, your personal experience, so that I can follow your blueprint.

Sure, I get it, we are all trying to give a helping hand, to be there for our friends and help them through rough times. But the question remains: are we willing to do the same for us? Are we willing to apply all that great advice to our own lives and transform it into daily practice?

This post remains open. I for one, am willing to make a commitment towards myself and as the title says, practice what I preach. What about you? Any thoughts on preaching?

Sending you lots of positive thoughts,