The Book of Life

Newborn © Photo by Clare Fisher


“In an hour or so. “, “This evening. “, “Tomorrow.”, “On Monday.”

When did I turn into the Queen of Procrastination? Lately all sorts of events take me by surprise and I seem to be skilfully putting off writing a new blog post. But my heart is aching and I feel incomplete without my writing.

Anyway, since I cannot think of an interesting/ funny/ heartbreaking/ philosophical topic, I’ll better share with you today’s great news: I’m officially an aunt and godmother. My nephew/ godson was born this morning and I’m happy and emotional beyond words.

I think of this beautiful soul who has just entered our world, coming from a space of love and purity.

Dear David,  I wish you the best of everything: of people, of experiences, of love and happiness. Life is a magical journey and I am honored to walk beside you. God bless you, little one!


Sending everybody positive vibes,