We’re all still kids

LaughingImage source here


I said ‘yes’ to a special Children’s Day event today and took my little daughter along with me. She had a good time running around, playing with balloons and crayons, making funny and not-so-funny faces.

I, on the other hand, was tired, stressed and irritable. I quasi followed her like a psycho, but forced myself to look cool and detached (haha!).

But on the way back home, we started singing a funny children’s’ song and clapped along.

And in a second, I was a child again, goofing around with my own child, simply having fun, living and enjoying the moment. No social etiquette, no stress, just freedom of being. Of being present in the moment.


The-World-Is-Young-Wayne-MillerImage source here


Luckily, we are all still children at heart! Thank God for that!

And though we often forget, we are still allowed to have fun, to make silly faces, to eat as much candy as we want, to stay up late, to be stubborn, to experiment, to play and to discover.

Dear heart, don’t let us forget that we are all still children inside!

Hope you’re having a great day today! Happy Children’s Day!




*Featured image by Philippe Tarboutiech via pinterest