But first, coffee




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Hello, everybody!

How are you today? It’s Monday, I know. Guess what’s worse? I ran out of coffee! How bad is that? Monday morning, capricious weather, one too many errands to run, an over-sized to-do list and me feeling already exhausted before noon. And no coffee. None. Not a single drop.

Okay, this is an emergency! First things first: I’ll run across the street to the grocery store (even better, I’ll sprint!) to buy my precious elixir, return back home with a big grin and a double-portion of inspiration to write this post.

{Later edit}

…and we are back! Hello, everybody! Hello, World! What a glorious day to be alive!

Yes, it’s still me, feeling all happy and filled with energy, because guess what? I had my coffee.

Little did I know until today that I was so dependent on coffee…not on caffeine, but on the habit of having my morning coffee in silence while planning my day ahead.

This coffee situation got me thinking on how sensitive one can be even to the small changes in one’s personal environment.  We all have our habits and routines from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep.

Random recurrent activities, like having coffee in the morning or taking a shower, which we can control, supervise and check off our mental lists every single day. Whether we realize it or not, these are the constants of our lives. These are the things we can anticipate, look forward to and accomplish day in and day out without failure. A flawless recurrent process, with no interruptions. But what happens when there’s a gap, a pause, a breach within our self-created perfect system?

First we are confused. Then we become alert. We need to fix the problem. And we will surely fix it in no time, so that  things can go back to the way they were. But here’s the thing – every disruption is like a wake-up call. We only realize then, that we were cruising on autopilot and taking things for granted because we could predict them and control them.

When we run out of coffee, especially on a grey Monday morning, we realize maybe once again that things are only controllable to a certain extent. Habits, systems and routines aren’t infallible. Life is everything but predictable.

The good news is that we are equipped by nature with adaptability, endless resources, ideas and solutions. All it takes is to be present in the moment (or to go over to our neighbor’s house and ask for coffee 🙂 ).

Wishing you a great day today,