Unbroken wings, discovered

92Photo by Christina One


A white blank page waiting to be filled with the most thought-out words, a canvas waiting to be populated by the most daring shapes and colors, a life waiting to be granted the most important chapter of its history and a person waiting for a swipe card to fulfillment.


This is the intro. These are the circumstances of our heroine.
Looking out the window early in the morning, with a smiling face and messy bed hair, she thought to herself that the world is a vast embroidery and that each and everyone has its own place, its role, its mission.


A leap of faith always comes with a philosophical outlook upon life – that, after struggling with the scariest shadows and doubts and hesitations, mostly related to fear of failure and rejection. The decision to turn ship and take full ownership of the outcome was greeted with a lot of serenity and peace of mind from her part. She was cool as a cucumber.
Some people in her life though, thought it was a self-indulgent caprice and charitably allowed her to play a bit and experiment, until she would eventually bottom out and come to her senses. This was not the case. She waited long enough for this, paid her dues over time, tamed her ego and got the conformity approval stamp from society.


She waltzed through life as an enterprising professional, a wife and a mother and a complying citizen. She did everything by the book and never complained. She never looked back either.
But now, after touching the monolith moment, perspectives shifted, priorities changed and the right opportunities, situations and people came along the way. The time was right. The shift hit the fan.


Wherever she turned, there were people from all walks of life, talking about changing jobs, making courageous career moves, moving across borders, giving up secured jobs to go into freelance, starting a business, changing lives, taking time off or sabbatical years, broadening their spiritual paths.
Change. Change. Change everywhere. As if the whole world was in perfect synchronicity with her – as if they waited for her to finally meet them at the same starting line and take the plunge together.


There were ideas, dreams, books and inspiration, and most importantly an audacious will to follow her heart. She had found her muse, her tempo, her rhythm of writing, her time and place in the immensity of the world. There was no pressure, no constraints, no artificial-imposed boundaries: just peace of mind, clarity and quietness. Oh yes, and a clear blue sky waiting for her to spread her rediscovered wings and fly.
[Text written by Clover, first published on Fashezine ]