Friday 13th: Feeling at ease



On a Friday 13th morning, I set out to test the benefits of a journaling session. Though it sounds fancy, the bottom line is to sit down with your thoughts and gather them in what you call your diary or your journal. Since all my notebooks are filled to the brim with ideas, plans, budget expenses, daydreams etc., I picked one out and started writing. Just like that.

The first idea that came to mind was to thank Archangel Michael for always being by my side and helping me whenever I needed him.

Then I noticed my body, my breathing tempo and I felt at ease, totally relaxed, calm and serene.

My mind was quiet as well, which is kind of awkward for me, since my mind is something like Las Vegas – thoughts running 24/7. But as I said, my mind was peaceful as well.

Then I switched to noticing my heart and I felt it smiling with joy, with contentment and serenity. I felt healed, whole and taken care of.

Then these messages came through:

Everything is abundance.

Go your own way.

Don’t push things, just let yourself go and follow the natural course of Life.

Be serene.

Everything is in its right place. Everything is as it should be.

Remain and rejoice in this state of mind.

We will take care of everything.

Continue your work as a light-seeker and light-worker.

Life is Love.


You know, dear readers, this is the first time ever when I don’t feel the need to add, alter or delete anything in my post. I do not feel the urge to put a social filter on it (the “What will people think of me?” kind) and make it “perfect”. So this is the unabridged, uncensored and unpolished version.

I am at ease with what I feel and who I am at this moment, right now. What’s fascinating about it is that I am 100% present in this moment, with all my six senses. Intuition tells me to hit “publish” to this post, so I will do just that.

Sending you positive vibes only and wishing you a great weekend,