Recycled feelings

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Where do all our unlived dreams go? Where do all our unshared feelings evaporate?
Where do all our unfulfilled love stories disappear?

How do we recycle our unsaid words? Or our unfelt emotions?
How do we mend our un-confessed burdens? Sins? Trials, betrayals?

Can we drop them off somewhere, at someone’s doorstep? Put them in big moving boxes and leave them on the side of the road? Can we mail them to an unknown destination?

How do we reuse what is left unsaid? Unlived? Unfelt?

Is there a special recycling bin for ambiguous feelings and hurtful emotions next to the paper, tin or plastic containers?

The lucky ones among us, the artists, musicians and creators, take the unwanted emotional luggage and transform it into works of art: paintings, sculptures, memorable songs, books, poetry, groundbreaking architecture.

But what about the rest of us? Where do we dump our emotional garbage can?

Where can we deposit our soul’s thunderstorms and most importantly how can we turn them again into rainbows?


Text written by Clover

First published on The Zen Project’s blog