Time management & becoming a hermit


“Do this!”

“Do that!”

“Do more of this and avoid that!”

Ever heard this before? Whether it comes from people you surround yourself with or whether it’s an old record that you’re constantly playing in your head, have you ever felt like you ought to do this one thing, but your heart tells you something different?

As a starting entrepreneur, I get a lot of wanted and unwanted advice from all kind of people, both successful in their professions or constant seekers of their own fulfillment.

This got me thinking the other day, when I was trying to figure out the best way for attending various social events for networking purposes. I’m not a hermit and am anything but anti-social, but in the last years I’ve become more aware of my own needs, likes and dislikes, plus my options and priorities changed once I became a mama. That’s to say that I really, really think and evaluate every social function that has nothing to do with my family or my close friends which I adore.

You see, I am avaricious truly selective when it comes to social presence and there are just a few people out there who really “benefit” from my time and attention (no intention of sounding cocky, but that’s just the way it is).

“Good for you”, you’ll say, but when it comes to networking and putting yourself out there to spread the word about you and your business, well…living under a rock and ignoring the outer world isn’t the best solution (sometimes I secretly wish people would stop sending me invitations and by doing so, they would spare me from feeling guilty and turning to my ever-growing arsenal of “I can’t make it” excuses). Okay, so what’s the solution?

I got limited time, family & business-related commitments on one hand and one too many social gathering invitations on the other hand. How do I find a middle way?

Well, here’s a plan:

1// Reach out online. In other words, whenever possible, I will replace my offline absence with my online presence. Thank you, Internet! Thank you, modern technology!

2// Attend two events per month. Oh yeah, that should do it! Hahahaha! No, but seriously now…I think this to be a good idea: I will plan/ prepare for the events carefully and stick to my commitment (and RSVP for that matter).

3// Say “No” politely, but firmly. And with no remorse. Feeling guilty to refuse something I never wished to attend in the first place, is literally a waste of time & energy.

4// Respect your time and make the most out of it. When in doubt, ask yourself:”How can I utilize my time, energy and attention to my best interest/advantage: by doing X thing or by attending Y event?”

What about you, dear friends? Any insights, tips or ideas you may want to share with me?

Wishing you a great afternoon,



*Image via lacooletchic