What it takes to live your dream


Dear friends,

Yesterday I made a list of what it takes to live your dream and added every important aspect I could think of, everything  I’ve learned in the past year since I took the big leap and started my own business.

You see, there is a very common misconception which states that the hard part is to take the plunge and go chase your wildest dream, when in reality, it’s actually the everyday living of your dream that’s more or less difficult. It’s the moving forward that’s hard, the going through with it, the pulling, the over-sized “To-do” lists, the sleepless nights trying to figure out what’s next, the unpredictable insecurities that show up every now and then.

So, without further ado, here it goes:

1// Courage

Yes. Courage is important. First for the big leap. Then for those recurrent awkward moments when you’ll be asking yourself: “Will I make it? Will I be able to pay my rent? My mortgage? My bills?”. You get the picture.

You’ll need courage as your ally on a daily basis: to move forward, to follow your intuition, to trust your abilities, your talents, your gift. You’ll need courage with an extra side of self-confidence for those moments when things don’t go your way, when there are no clients, no sales and no immediate (ecstatic) response from the world out there.

2// Discipline

Think of it as boot-camp or any other training process. If you want to turn your dream into a profession and make it financially sustainable and durable, you have to think and act like a pro. You have to get up every morning and do your job. Not just the nice parts, the easy & creative parts, but also the less fun parts: from answering emails to customer service, from packaging, delivery to further planning and strategy, marketing ideas and so on.

Discipline and a semi-structured working schedule are essential. You may take days off to relax, to recover from a flu or whatever, but you must have a plan. Are you an early riser or do you prefer to work at night when everyone is asleep? Whatever it is, try to plan your day ahead with concrete actions and activities. Otherwise, things will add up and you’ll be feeling exhausted and overwhelmed even before starting your day.

3// Presence

Presence as in…show up! If it’s your dream, your dearest, closest-to-heart dream and you see yourself living it in the next 5 years, 10 years or till the end of days, then show up.

Get up in the morning, work for it, sweat for it, enjoy it. Be present.

Go where you’re invited if it’s vital for your dream, learn whatever you are not good at, take an online marketing/creative writing/whatever course, read and learn, connect, expand your knowledge and experience. Be present from sunrise to sundown, through good times and bad times (it sounds like marriage…but wait, it actually is!)

4// The three C’s: Clarity, Consistency & Continuity

One of the most important things I realized while observing other people’s dreams/ passions/ businesses take off, are these three C’s: Clarity, Consistency & Continuity.

If you’re clear about your dream and why you’re turning it into reality, then you must be consistent and keep on going your way. Day by day.

I, for instance, have said it on so many occasions (at least in my head) that I’m a writer, but it was only yesterday that I actually took the decision to act like one. I’ve been writing here and there with much passion, but with no direction and continuity. Take this blog for example: how many days of radio silence? How many “Hello, I’m back” posts followed by silence and no activity? See my point?

If you commit to living your dream, then you have to do your part. It’s crucial. Life will meet you half-way and the Universe will give you a helping hand, but you have to do your part.

Think about it and let me know your thoughts and ideas. Let’s help each other out on this one!

Sending you lots of positive thoughts,


*Featured image via malinsofia