The silence is over. Game on.

Pottersarmsimage by pottersarms  |  His Wife, dressed by Mr. Morris

Dear friends,

First things first: to those of you who have been intensely visiting this blog and Venom & Clover’s facebook page for the last past weeks – Thank You! I’ve seen the stats, I got your message. Thank you!

Truth is I thought Venom & Clover’s time as a blog had come to end, the end of our journey in the blogosphere, while both Venom and me, are pursuing and crafting other dreams or just trying to make it, day by day.

Truth is I never thought of deleting this account, as it holds so many beautiful memories. Truth is I thought I will just keep it alive for nostalgic reasons.

Well, I was wrong! 🙂

Venom and Clover is haunting me. It’s something I cannot and will not let go of. Venom and Clover is part of my identity, no matter what else I’ve been working on or keeping myself busy with.

So, here it is – no artificial excuses, no “Sorry, I had no time to write!”, but an honest, heart-to-heart confession coming from my part.

Truth is that I believe in signs and listen to the voice of my intuition. And for now, this voice keeps reminding me of you, my dear readers and of you – my dear Venom & Clover blog. My feeling is that it’s not over yet, au contraire, we’re just entering a new phase and a new territory.

So, thank you, dear readers – you’ve done your part, showing up here every day and sending out the right message until it was finally heard and acknowledged. Now, it’s my turn – I have to do my part and start showing up.

This is Venom and Clover 2.0 and I’m totally ready to embark on this new journey, wherever it may take us.

Welcome, dear friends of Venom and Clover! Grab a chair and come sit with us. We will bring coffee and tea and stories. We will open up to you like we did in the past, sharing with you the best, the not-so-best, the wonderful and the exciting, the heart-opening and heart-breaking of our daily lives and everything else you can imagine in between.

See you guys tomorrow!

With much gratitude,

P.S. You know by now that by real name is Bianca, right? Okay, just checking! 🙂