This blog is about REAL LIFE and REAL PEOPLE.

We promote and celebrate creativity, authenticity and respect.

We admire those who have the courage to stay true to themselves and act accordingly. We write mainly about taken chances and learned lessons. Every now and then, there are also traces of us, glimpses of our days of bliss and thunder. We depict our moments of laughter and contentment, of heartaches and mistakes and a bunch of other daily random stuff.

We may share the stories that have carved in our souls and determined the shape of the universe within us: trials and tribulations, burdens, fears, truths that hurt us but also set us free, blessings, breakthroughs, “aha” moments, our triumphs and joys.


Venom & Clover

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Who’s writing?

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Introducing Venom: Too shy for words, properly unconventional and well… reformed bitch (alas quite dotty whilst on PMS). Confessed agnostic, forever infatuated with all things British, Mediterranean and Scandinavian, with a freakish fixation on Harry Potter’s world.

Persistently advocating for free will and respect for oneself without disturbing the others, dreaming of and pursuing tranquility in a loud and strident world, to the odd acrimony of her neighbors. In charge with and committed to supporting downshifting and DIY / hand-made business ideas and projects.

Introducing Clover: Undercover hippie, nomad in thinking and feeling, mother of the enchanted Clover Junior. Francophile. Enthusiastic collector of daydreams, plans and memories. Also a sucker for stationery and scarves (the more the merrier).

Recovering control freak, copyright-obsessed, in charge with art-related posts, weird cool music, storytelling jewellery and well…zenitude. Personal mantra: “Magic is something we create!”