One Morning at the Museum

Expozitie MNIR

One morningPhotos taken by Clover at the Romanian National Museum of History

I’ve been a bit under the weather these days (can you tell?), mostly because our summer holiday is over and I wished it could last longer…maybe until September! Haha! I’m on vacation mode anyway, a bit nostalgic and keen to learn what the future has in store for me.

Since I can barely work, create or focus on anything productive, I’ve decided to go with the flow, give myself some quiet time and enjoy another day off.

So, I’ve decided to spend my morning in the company of my daughter  and art,  so I took us both to visit the Romanian National Museum of History and its soon closing exposition on costumes and fashion throughout history.

…and it was beautiful! Imagine an immense space filled with art, beauty, true craftsmanship, pieces of history, intricate patterns, out-of-this-world designs…all witnesses of past lives and silent survivors of time and history.

At that time, the museum was quiet and with no other vistors, so for me it felt like a private tour and privileged time to spend alone with these oeuvres d’art.

You should try it once: whenever you’ve got a day off, take your little one along, or go by yourself and spend your morning in a museum. It will quiet your mind and challenge you to take one step further on your creative journey.

In the presence of so much beauty, creativity and history, you will feel inspired, encouraged, if not even obliged to participate and expand the world’s patrimony.

Have a great day today,