The Good Life of a Zen Girl: My Morning Moment

CoffeeImage source here


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple things that bring me so much joy. For instance, at about 9 a.m., our nanny takes our little daughter outside to play in the nearby park and I, after helping everybody to start off their day just right, start mine with a good coffee. Always served cold and with lots of milk. And a straw (yes, a straw! I now have this obsession not to stain my teeth, hahaha).

I can’t describe you what it feels like, when I open my laptop, sit at my desk, facing an open window and let some soft music play in the background. That particular moment, that first sip of coffee, the delicate perfume on my skin after taking a shower, the breezy morning air and that music…it’s magical. It feels like pure luxury. My moment of bliss.

Now I would like to know: is there a special moment throughout the day that you enjoy most and look forward to? Tell me about it!

Sending you lots of love today,