Becoming the woman I want to be

Lightness of being

Dear friends,

While I was in the middle of a free-writing session this morning (aka scribbling in my diary) I had this vision of the woman I dream of being one day.

There she was – a happy woman in her mid thirties, sitting in a relaxed position on a white couch, talking and laughing and having a good time. Everything about that brief vision was harmonious, serene and vibrating with positive energy and light. I was mesmerized. “That woman can be me”, I thought.

Slowly, I picked up my pen and started writing. This is what I’ve got so far:

♥ The Woman I Want To Be ♥

The woman I want to be is joyful, charismatic and generous.
The woman I want to be knows herself well and isn’t afraid to speak her truth at all times.
The woman I want to be is centered and at peace.

The woman I want to be does things because she wants to, not because she has to.
The woman I want to be is a light-worker: she spreads light and positive vibes wherever she goes. The woman I want to be heals others through her spoken and written words.

The woman I want to be is at peace with her inner and outer world.

The woman I want to be has her own routine, practice and daily expands her inner work. The woman I want to be knows how to set healthy boundaries in her personal and professional life.

The woman I want to be is fear-less, stress-less and worry-less.
The woman I want to be is her own superhero and source of inspiration.

The woman I want to be has and makes always time for family and friends. The doors to her heart are always open for those she loves most.

The woman I want to be is…me.

That was it. Beautifully inspiring, honest, open. Uncensored and uncut. That was my first love-letter to myself in ages (three decades to be precise).

What about you, dear friends? Who is the woman/man you want to be? And what does she/he look like on the inside? What does she/he feel?

If you care to share your vision with me in the comments section below, I would be honored. If you care to keep it private, that’s cool too. The important thing is to take a moment to yourself tonight and take a peek at that vision. Close your eyes if you need to or just write it down. You will be amazed to discover that you’re closer than you think to embody that vision.

Sending much love your way,

*Image via fatigueless