Becoming the woman I want to be

Dear friends, While I was in the middle of a free-writing session this morning (aka scribbling in my diary) I had this vision of the woman I dream of being one day. There… Continue reading

The best decision of my life so far: Letting go of the past

Dear friends, Can you imagine yourself climbing a mountain while carrying the biggest, heaviest backpack? Can you feel that burden on your shoulders? Can you imagine yourself running to catch the train of… Continue reading

Clover’s Quick Update: Where I stand today

Dear friends, No wonder it’s the dawn of a new era: two of my notebooks – my journal and my day-to-day agenda are full. As in no blank page left. Full full. At… Continue reading

The silence is over. Game on.

image by pottersarms  |  His Wife, dressed by Mr. Morris Dear friends, First things first: to those of you who have been intensely visiting this blog and Venom & Clover’s facebook page for… Continue reading

One Morning at the Museum

Photos taken by Clover at the Romanian National Museum of History I’ve been a bit under the weather these days (can you tell?), mostly because our summer holiday is over and I wished… Continue reading

The Good Life of a Zen Girl: My Morning Moment

Image source here   Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple things that bring me so much joy. For instance, at about 9 a.m., our nanny takes our little daughter outside… Continue reading

The thing with Facebook

Photo by Raphael Lucena/ Source here I want to delete my account. My personal one, that is. I have another one I use for my business. That I shall keep; it’s for marketing… Continue reading

What it takes to live your dream

Dear friends, Yesterday I made a list of what it takes to live your dream and added every important aspect I could think of, everything  I’ve learned in the past year since I took… Continue reading

I’m a writer. So, I write.

The last days have been a bit like a roller coaster ride – with ups and downs. Lots of questions, a few answers and some valuable nuggets of wisdom & enlightenment. In my… Continue reading

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