Just do it: shine your light

Images by Cassoday Harder   There are times, when I sit alone in my improvised home-studio/ writing corner and can’t decide whether I should write something or do whatever (fold laundry, for example),… Continue reading

Time management & becoming a hermit

“Do this!” “Do that!” “Do more of this and avoid that!” Ever heard this before? Whether it comes from people you surround yourself with or whether it’s an old record that you’re constantly… Continue reading

People as guarantees

  We go through life trying to figure it out. To understand and learn the lessons we are given. The presence of people around us makes everything seem livable, manageable, doable. We look… Continue reading

Live as you please

  Or should I say: “Live as you please… right now!”. You see, we all go down this road: we plan our life ahead, we make lists and add daydreams to our mood… Continue reading

Recycled feelings

Image source here   Where do all our unlived dreams go? Where do all our unshared feelings evaporate? Where do all our unfulfilled love stories disappear? How do we recycle our unsaid words?… Continue reading

Friday 13th: Feeling at ease

  On a Friday 13th morning, I set out to test the benefits of a journaling session. Though it sounds fancy, the bottom line is to sit down with your thoughts and gather… Continue reading

Cracking the Zen code

© Photo by Christina One/ Silk Wrap Bracelets by The Zen Project It was still very early when she got out of bed and tiptoed through the long corridor on the way to… Continue reading

Unbroken wings, discovered

Photo by Christina One   A white blank page waiting to be filled with the most thought-out words, a canvas waiting to be populated by the most daring shapes and colors, a life… Continue reading

But first, coffee

All images via The Gifts of Life   Hello, everybody! How are you today? It’s Monday, I know. Guess what’s worse? I ran out of coffee! How bad is that? Monday morning, capricious… Continue reading

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