We’re all still kids

Image source here   I said ‘yes’ to a special Children’s Day event today and took my little daughter along with me. She had a good time running around, playing with balloons and… Continue reading

The Book of Life

© Photo by Clare Fisher   “In an hour or so. “, “This evening. “, “Tomorrow.”, “On Monday.” When did I turn into the Queen of Procrastination? Lately all sorts of events take… Continue reading

Practice what you preach

Facebook account signed out. WordPress account signed in. Telephone on silent mode. Additional external noise switched off. Okay…breathe in and out…now it’s time to talk. How is everybody? All good? I was thinking… Continue reading

Shortcuts in life

In high school, I used to be a big fan of Tomb Raider. The adventures of Lara Croft were really intriguing and soon I became a bit of an expert decrypting clues and… Continue reading

Building an empire

Image via The Everygirl   Lately I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what these past months taught me as a newbie entrepreneur. Things have been continuously changing, with highs and lows… Continue reading

Working from home

Dear friends, Here is a post I wrote some time ago on The Zen Project’s blog and wanted to share with you as well. It’s a piece of writing that created quite a… Continue reading

I’m coming home

Dear friends, I’m coming home. I’m returning to this beautiful place called “Venom & Clover”…a true oasis of creativity, inspiration and feel-good territory, populated by amazing people, where we, Venom and I, poured… Continue reading

Find me next door

Photo by Peter & Ute Grahlmann via Lizzybloves Dear ones, This whole leaving-my-corporate-job-starting-my-own-business roller-coaster has brought me today in front of you all with this little announcement: I recently moved next door, or… Continue reading

The Other Side of Truth

I was talking to Venom the other day about a frustrating situation that has been on my mind lately, one that keeps me up at night and makes me wonder which way to… Continue reading

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