Getting my Mojo back

“Funky lullabies” – when thinking of naming my column on motherhood, I realized that I didn’t fit into a certain parenting style or category. My parenting philosophy is a mix between gut feelings,… Continue reading

Painted feelings

How does one describe an artist? How do I even start telling you about Maria Dermengiu, a daintily, refined lady with a delicate face, framed by her ginger hair and a noble spirit… Continue reading

212 Days of bliss and wonder

Dear friends, Today is such a special day for me and my family: baby girl is turning 7 months! I plan to spend the whole day celebrating the happiest 212 days of my… Continue reading

Enchanted memories

These last few weeks have been rather hectic for me (that is Venom), as I’ve got a new job. Which is great, but it also meant tiredness, anxiety, work, work, work, learning lots… Continue reading

December, get real!

I was thinking the other day about the frenzy of this month…seems like there is a “happy” virus all over town and everybody’s got it. Happiness on demand is not my thing, although… Continue reading

Happiness in a cookie

Another post on the run! Today is the first day Clover Jr. & I are baking something together: sugar cookies + cinnamon nutmeg frosting! Actually it’s me who does the baking, while she… Continue reading

Dear Santa, all I want is everything

The ‘little black dress’ of stationery Spotted here; Hint for Santa Claus here Art is not entertainment. Art is not luxury goods. Art is culture. It is you and me.  Paige Bradley  … Continue reading

Mom with a plan

Reading through all these heartening, funny, inspiring posts written by mothers and new-mothers, left me thinking that mastering the art of motherhood seems like boot-camping or training for the Olympics. You put all your… Continue reading

Women, Food and … well…;) God. Spoiler Alert: It’s in the Journey

If you stumbled upon my short self-description on this site, you might notice that I call myself an agnostic (though often quite tempted by atheism). Accepting I don’t really Believe certainly wasn’t easy… Continue reading

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