People worth protesting for: Medine Pop

© Medine Pop The downside of being an Executive Search consultant is that I can’t reveal the identity of my clients or candidates. Confidentiality is my top priority. So I can’t tell the… Continue reading

10 Lessons To Live By


Conversatie cu inima deschisa: descoperirile dIn Vestiar

Ce au in comun un business antreprenorial si o persoana bine conectata la propria viata launtrica? Nimic, de fapt! Poate miezul unui initiative profesionale sa fie construit din emotii si comunicare? Iata ca… Continue reading

Wind of change in the locker room: it’s all about the heart

What do an entrepreneurial business and such an emotionally-connected person have in common? Nothing, really! Can the core of a professional enterprise be made of affections? Yes, indeed! Alina Duna does not consider… Continue reading

The flower fairy

A real life fairy. An elevated character and a beautiful, open heart. A bohemienne aux grands yeux d’ambre living between two cities: Paris and Little Paris. I met Agatha Blanck several years ago,… Continue reading

Bec of Wonders

Those who say you can only be good at one thing surely haven’t met Bec Wonders – a creative spirit, shaping and creating wonders on a daily basis. See, this multidimensional young artist… Continue reading

What’s next, Venom dear?

Good morning, everybody! As you may already know, I am the recovering control freak. But recovering does not mean <cured>, so it was only natural to ask Venom to do a bit of… Continue reading

Testing, testing 1-2-3

Hello, world! The idea of this blog came because we simply asked for it! Our story is not the typical friendship story: girl meets girl, do some mirroring and confession, sprinkled with comforting… Continue reading

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