I’m a writer. So, I write.

La mer

The last days have been a bit like a roller coaster ride – with ups and downs. Lots of questions, a few answers and some valuable nuggets of wisdom & enlightenment.

In my head, I’m a writer. I write just like I breathe.

In reality, I find all kind of excuses and distractions to keep me off track, to prevent me from doing what I love and fear most: writing. So many thrilling ideas, ambitious plans, insightful articles, funny blog posts don’t even make the light of day. I hold them in my head or keep them locked within the pages of my notebooks.

I wake up in the middle of the night, because I have a great sentence in my head. Or a clever choice of words.

For me writing is freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought. It’s my free-pass for introspection, meditation and exploration. It’s also about releasing, cleaning out what’s no longer needed, scrubbing the surface, digging for the gold, revealing the unknown parts of myself.

I’m not vulnerable when I write, far from it, actually I’m vulnerable when I don’t write. When I keep it all to myself or when I shut down my laptop before hitting the keyboard. That’s when I’m vulnerable and grumpy and restless….when I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do.

So, BIG decision these days…as in big-decision-I’ll-shout-it-out-so-everyone-can-hear: I am a writer. So writing is what I do. 🙂

One day I’ll be making a living out of my writing. I’ll learn, I’ll struggle, I will get down on my knees and wrestle until I’ll succeed. I will invest time, attention and energy and I will make it happen.

Baby steps, big leaps, one day at a time. But I’ll make it. It’s my dream, it’s my love story: I’ll make it happen.

And since action beats any ardent declaration, I decided to start my first serious project: for the next few days I’ll be writing with much dedication and commitment my  “21 Days to a Zen Life” series.

All details are here and I hope you will join me on this one! Fingers crossed!

Thank you in advance for being here for me,


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