Find me next door

Photo by Peter & Ute Grahlmann via Lizzybloves Dear ones, This whole leaving-my-corporate-job-starting-my-own-business roller-coaster has brought me today in front of you all with this little announcement: I recently moved next door, or… Continue reading

The Other Side of Truth

I was talking to Venom the other day about a frustrating situation that has been on my mind lately, one that keeps me up at night and makes me wonder which way to… Continue reading

Above and beyond

Dear friends, I am overwhelmed. Over the past few days, I literally learned the terminology of hundreds of special printing papers. It’s a crazy ride. Really. These days, I’m 24/7 on the phone,… Continue reading

Magic Life Lotus Dream

Okay, this may sound like a crazy post title, but let me explain a bit: these are the names of the first products (wink! wink!) I am about to launch for The Zen… Continue reading

Wake me up when September ends

Dear friends, my procrastination abilities have won the best of me. You see, I’ve been avoiding writing this post for sooooo long, that in the end, when I found the time to write,… Continue reading

Write it down: online inspiration

  The online community is something I discover every day. My bookmarks folders are filled to the brim with links, websites and inspirational images. I find that whenever you’re focusing on a certain… Continue reading

Reward Yourself: do something nice for you every day

Some years ago, I was working with a guy who had this thing: every day he did something nice for himself. Like a little reward of the day. Whether it was buying flowers… Continue reading

Loyalty isn’t just a word, it’s a decision

I’ve always had a deep sense of loyalty – ever since I can remember. I was loyal to my family and friends, I stayed in relations of all kind, even when I knew… Continue reading

The Italian Summer in Pictures

It’s a busy day for me today. Nothing fancy, just errands and administrative stuff around the house. But somewhere in a sunny corner of my mind, daydreaming of Italy is in store! This… Continue reading

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